Here & There

Pastlife Regression Therapy

Sometimes you’re completely in the Here (present). Sometimes you’re partly in the There (past). Sometimes you don’t want to be Here and want to return to There where you are originally from. Then you don’t want to be Here at all.

The intention is to arrive completely in the Here. You can do that by finding the root of a problem in the past and work on it. Or to find the reason why you came Here in the first place. The ultimate goal is that you’ll be able to be happy in the Here. 

So, in this therapy we go back to the past, the root. The goal is to become aware of and relive a possible traumatic event in the past. Because as soons as such an event has been relived fully consciously, then the aftereffect in your present life stops.

While reliving these events you’ll get impressions of past lives. You can also experience emotions and physical sensations. You choose to go into the situation of the past. You can also go back in the past of your present life or have an experience in the belly of your mother. I guide you through this experience. Because only after you have experienced this completely consciously, you can let go of it.

It is not difficult to access that event from the past. By the problem or symptom that is bothering you, you’re still connected to the past. During the session I’ll help you concentrating on the problem or symptom. For example by letting you repeat an emotionally charged phrase several times. Or by letting you concentrate on a certain feeling in your body or on an emotion.

Sometimes a touch of humor helps to accept the experience and let go of it completely. Only then you can be fully free in the Here.


This kind of therapy can be healing for different kind of problems and complaints, for example:

  • fears and phobias
  • relation problems
  • psychological symptoms
  • physical complaints
  • allergies
  • depression, stress
  • nightmares
  • fear for death
  • inner growth, meaning of life

For Whom?

I like to work with people who are willing to look at themselves in a serious way and take emerging experiences for real, so that we can work with them. Or maybe you’re curious after your past lives? Or you’d like to know what talents you have or would like to have? Even then you can come for a session. The most important is that you take responsibility for the life you lead and also for the problems you experience right now. You’re the only one who can change something in your situation.


Sometimes the therapy starts with an intake of two hours. Often, a long intake is not necessary. Especially if it’s a clearly defined problem or symptom. Every session after that also lasts for two hours. A session consists of a short conversation and reliving something from the past. For that we use a light trance. You’re already entranced when you’re completely into a good book and don’t notice anymore what happens around you.

It is possible that one session is enough to get rid of your problem. For example from a repeating nightmare that appears to be a fragment of a past life that isn’t finished yet. But sometimes you need more sessions, because there might be more past lives behind the same problem.


Because you travel through your deaths in past lives, the fear for death you might have, will diminish strongly. The quality of your life will improve. You’ll be living instead of surviving.

Regression therapy

You can also just use regression therapy without going to a past life. We will work in your present life when there’s a trauma that needs attention. Or when you don’t want to work with past lives.